Video's main products are underwater cases for video cameras and underwater lights. Aquavideo began manufacturing underwater video housings in 1981, and was the first company to manufacture and market self-contained underwater video systems. AquaVideo has been there for virtually every development in the video world. We have manufactured custom-fitted housings for more than 400 different video systems of all sizes and shapes - from consumer camcorders to Broadcast Betacams and High Definition cameras. We have also made many specialized systems: For NASA (Seven cameras used to track astronaut training in the underwater NEUTRAL BOUYANCY LABORATORY; and a self-contained system for evaluating the Shuttle solid rockets in the water before retrieval); Remote controlled, pan and tilt cameras for the U.S. Olympic Training Center; and even some waterproof electronic transport cases for the US Navy Seal Delivery Vehicles. Yet, our everyday business is manufacturing housings for consumer and prosumer camcorders that are used by divers around the world. AquaVideo™ Underwater Housings: AquaVideo has developed methods that allow us to make a professional quality housing for virtually any camcorder, with very short turnaround times. Most manufacturers only offer housings for a very few camcorders or a few housings that can fit multiple cameras. The AquaVideo method is not a one housing or "one size fits all" approach because to make one housing fit multiple cameras means that it probably won't work well for any of them. The housing diameter, length, mounting plate, front plate with dome, controls, etc. are fitted specifically for each camera - yet because of our experience and extensive parts inventory, we can make an excellent housing for even a newly released camcorder in just a few days. Obviously we have stock housings for the more popular camcorders - but the point is there is no substantial difference between a "stock" housing or one of our "custom fitted" housings for one of the less popular camcorders that are not supported by other manufacturers. The information below gives a complete description of the features of normal


Para inmersiones más profundas de las que puede soportar una bolsa de salpicaduras, ofrecemos la carcasa submarina Aquavideo para sistemas de cámaras de cine digital. La carcasa AquaVideo está diseñada para las cámaras de cine digital Red Epic-M, Epic-X y Scarlet-X 5K. Las características incluyen más opciones de control de lentes, mejoras ergonómicas para un manejo más fácil bajo el agua y un tamaño de cuerpo mucho más pequeño, de 9 ”de diámetro por 17” de largo.

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