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Rango de Contra Balance 1.8 to 5 kg / 4.0 to 11.0lb (C.G.100 mm) Carga útil 6 kg / 13.0lb Contrapeso Continuo Arrastre Dos Pasos Ángulo de inclinación +90° / -70° Peso 6 kg / 13.2lb Altura 55 to 165 cm / 21.5 to 65.0" Diámetro de la bola 75mm Sección 2 pasos.

Detalle Sobre LIBEC RS-250D

The RS-250D Tripod System from Libec includes the RT30B tripod with a 75mm bowl, the RH25D head, the SP-2B ground spreader, and the RC-30 case. The RT30B 2-stage aluminum tripod can extend from 16 to 59.5″. It is designed to work with the RH25D head. The SP-2B ground spreader works on level surfaces, providing both stability and floor protection. The RC-50 black tripod case is a padded case with rubber feet, designed to carry your tripod.

RH25D Fluid Head
Designed for compact cameras weighing up to 13 lb, the RH25D Fluid Head from Libec features a unified ball/flat mount design. The base of the tripod can fit either in a standard 75mm bowl or on a flat mount with a 3/8″-16 screw. Having both options available means you can transfer the RH25D from a tripod with a bowl mount to a flat-mount slider.

To achieve proper balance, the head includes a sliding camera plate with 1.6″ of fore/aft adjustment. The screw and locating pin are moveable to orient the plate on the camera to achieve the best possible balance. Once the camera is balanced, the continuous counterbalance and pan/tilt drag controls provide a smooth action with reduced backlash and unnecessary “bouncing.”

Included with the head is a PH-6B pan handle. The handle is extendable for better reach or more precise movement. The bar can be placed on the right or left side of the head by screwing it onto one of the rosettes.

Continuous Counterbalance
This fluid head is equipped with an continuously adjustable counterbalance system that can be fine-tuned to provide the correct amount of counterforce that corresponds to the weight and angle of your camera. Different cameras can be used and correct counterbalance can be set for each camera configuration.
Fluid Drag System
The fluid drag mechanism reduces backlash that can occur at the beginning or end of panning/tilting moves.
Low Temperature Performance
The RH25D is rated to be used in temperatures down to -40°F without seriously impacting the performance of the fluid drag system.

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